All that Glitters and Shines is Mine

Hi, I am Magpie, or as my Momma bird knows me Little Bird.

I like things that glitter and shine, all that does is well… mine.

I like my mom’s makeup.  I like to take it but lets get to the point.  I’m Magpie and that’s me. I love my Momma bird she teaches me well.

Now back to the other point, which there might be a few. I like glitter and things that shine like my family, which you might know already. I might take a ring and wear it and you might be like

Where’s my ring?

That night, i’ll put it back maybe, depending on how much sparkle it has. The next day you’ll think…

hey there’s my ring.

I like animals, especially cheetahs and cats. I don’t like brussel sprouts. Besides that’s me not you we might be totally different we might not. Oh well i’m kinda new at this not really but kinda. Well time to go… I’m coming Momma bird my wings hurt.

So remember, All that sparkles and shines… Mine.  Brussel sprouts… Yours.



4 thoughts on “All that Glitters and Shines is Mine

  1. I am very proud of you Little Bird.

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